About Geo Log

Geo Log is a blog which offers advice about revising for and taking Geology A Level exams.

The blog is in three sections:

  • hints and suggestions about revision in general;
  • hints about revising for Geology;
  • what to do – and what not to do – when answering exam questions.

Each post is numbered so that you can build up your own revision guide over the weeks leading to the exams.

The exam and revision hints in Geo Log are compiled by Geopix using the experience of more than 20 years of examination work, setting questions and marking Geology exams at GCSE and A Level for two of the exam boards, and also marking Science at GCSE level. These hints are drawn from many years of reading countless exam scripts.

Examiners – like football referees – are always right! You may disagree with their exam questions and answers, but while you are in the exam room, their rules are the ones to follow. Their marks will be the ones which make up your UMS scores.

So, get into the mind of the examiner!

There are two aspects to the task in hand.

  • learning about Geology
  • learning how to answer geology exam questions

You can’t do one without the other if you want a good grade.

You have lots of Geological information to learn. Geopix Study Guides are designed to help you with this task. The Guides cover minerals, rocks, fossils, weathering and erosion, structure, tectonics, mapwork and other subjects such as volcanoes, glaciers and applied/environmental geology. The Guides are split into individual topics so that you can select just what you want. Visit the Geopix on-line store www.geopix.co.uk to see what’s available and to start your download collection.

If you are looking for revision notes in this blog then you will be disappointed! You already have lots of notes – why do you need more? Instead you will find ideas about how to set about doing your own revision – active revision. It’s harder work, but more effective.

If there is a topic which you think should be included in these posts, send your idea to Contact Geopix and we will see what we can arrange.

Good luck with your exams.